Hello and welcome to the audiophile my name is Ian J Cole. 

we are a monthly music and arts radio show focusing on local, unsigned and obscure music from across the globe, welcome to the July 2022 edition 


On this months show , we have a new album for Leeds duo Helicopter Quartet, we’ll be playing some tracks from Liverpools Ernest Moon’s latest album, we’ve also got tracks from Synth Addict, Andy Vonal, Paris Music Corp, Richard Evans, Ranzee Adams and load of great music but first Grace Solero has a new album out on the 15th July and here is the title single Metamorphosis which came out last month 


1/ Grace Solero - Metamorphosis

2/ Ranzee Adams - Cenotaph

3/ Revolution Above Discorder - Scream Quietly

4/ Synth Addict -Random in A Mixolydian

5/ Helicopter Quartet - Cold Fusion (Cloudforms)

6/ Daren T Housse - A Place Called Home

7/ Paris Music Corp - The Original Orb / Witch Harvest 

8/ James Glew - Leeds EMOM 17th June 2022

9/ The Caughtery - Fragile / The Uninvited

10/ Richard Evans - Constellation 

11/ Andy Vonal - Live modular at EMOM Holmfirth 3 June 2022

12/ Ryan Shirlow - nook of the Ferns 

13/ Ernest Moon - Unkind

14/ Synth Addict - Tokyo Spicy Handroll

15/ Deborah Fiakiewicz  - The space Between Static and The Wind

16/ mho - Sounds Like Music  

17/ Ian J Cole - The Accepted Advice

18/ Lisa Gerrard & Marcello De Francisci - Until We Meet Again

19/ Hwyl Nofio - Womb Bird

20/ Nigel Mullaney - Live Modular Electric Spring 2019  




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