Hello and welcome to the audiophile my name is Ian J Cole. 

we are a monthly music and arts radio show focusing on local, unsigned and obscure music from across the globe, welcome to the June 2022 edition 


On this months show we have a live recorded set from James Glew, we have a track from American artist David Svejeck a brand new track from Sheffield’s Andy and Grace who are Andy Vonal whose EP we played last month and Grace Griffin. 


But first here are good friends of the show Merry Hell who are headlining all sorts of Festivals this summer with When we meet again


1/ Merry Hell - When We Meet Again

2/ Ryan Shirlow - Nook of the Ferns

3/ Martin Christie - Motorway Made of Sea Shells

4/ Andy and Grace - 40 Winks (Live)

5/ The Wave Prophets - Thelema

6/ Bonneville - Confessions

7/ Ian J Cole - She Left Flowers on His Grave

8/ Keeper of Bees - Immaculate 

9/ David Svrjeck - Shifting Walls 

10 James Glew - Live at Sheffield EMOM 12th May 2022

11/ Ham Plaza - Hong Hong

12/ Movement 81 - Lovesong PIL Rem - X/Y

13/ MongkencO - Family Ambient Jam

14/ Mbira Mike -  Experimental Modified Omnichord

15/ Nina Whiteman - House of Mazes commissioned by Trio Atem


Full show available at these links:




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