Hello and welcome to the audiophile my name is Ian J Cole.

we are a monthly music and arts radio show focusing on local, unsigned and obscure music from across the globe, welcome to the February 2022 edition

On this months show, we have new music from Robin Guthrie, Rodney Cromwell and a fantastic new album from Roman Angelos

There's a great new single from Vonamor and an  excellent new remix by Jah Wobble

but to start here is A track from the very new album by Star Rover this is Rag Doll


1: Star Rover - Rag Doll

2: Josh Werner - Quiet Star

3: Merry Hell - Sister Atlas

4: Robin Guthrie - Springtime All for Nothing

5: Shrinari - New Light / Ancestral Fire

6: Vonamor - You the People

7: Rodney Crowell Memory Stops/Memory Box (Time Capsule Remix)

8: Jim Bower - When David Bowie Died

9: Star Rover - Heart’s Attack

10: MK - Butterfly

11: Richard Evans - Trick Machine/Brave New World

12: Of1000Faces - Trees Sway Metallic / Nachtgarten

13: Roman Angelos - Foghorns/ Abyssal Plain/ The Underwater Supermarket

14: Travis Duo - Hitherto

15: Deborah Fiakiewicz - Frankenstein’s Monster

16: The Wave Prophets - Thelema

17: Suzanne Ciani  - Quadraphonic Live


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