Hello and welcome to the audiophile my name is Ian J Cole.

we are a monthly music and arts radio show focusing on local, unsigned and obscure music from across the globe, welcome to the November 2021 edition.

On this months show we have a fantastic new album from FineLines, a new single from Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher called Horror Film House appropriate as we’ve just had halloween, along with some great music from Tony Imperatice, Bob Holroyde, Electric Forest and part of a live performance  from Melbourne Australia  by Electronic Artist Ehsan Gelsi

To start with here is the new single which was out on the 29th Oct from Traitrs who seem to be missing an O in their name and here is Ghost and The Storm


1/ Traitrs - Ghost and the Storm

2/ Jim Bower - Kife Support

3/ Keeley - You Never Made It That Far

4/ Merry Hell - When We Meet Again

5/ Fineline - Del Rio

6/ Shrinari - Desert Path

7/ exxija - Blue

8/ JATA - The Same Page

9 The Gorstey Lea Street Choir - Bluebird, Hollywood .. Domino

10/ Talking Dolphins - Part of the Universe

11/ The Persian Leaps - The Company She keeps

12/ Finelines - Far Rockaway / The Old Haunts

13 Tony Imperatice - Autumn Colors

14/ The Wave Prophets - Thelema

15/ Nick Hudson - The Ballard Of K69996 Roma

16/ Bob Holroyd - Enough

17 Deborah Fialkiewicz - The Space Between Static And The Wind

18/ Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher - Horror Film House

19/ Ehsan Gelsi - Ephemera Live


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