Hello and welcome to the audiophile my name is Ian J Cole.

we are a monthly music and arts radio show focusing on local, unsigned and obscure music from across the globe, welcome to the October 2021 edition


on this months show we have a new album from The Persian Leaps, a new EP from Brighton’s Nick Hudson along with some great music from JATA, Keeley The Stray Field and a special live remix from my album Black Scar’s Across My Back which was performed a couple of nights ago at the Electronic Open Mic Night at the Fulford Arms in York


And to kick us off here is The Persian Leaps with When this gets out 


1/ The Persian Leaps - When This Gets Out

2/ David Long & Shane O’Neill - Dreams Come

3/ Witch Of The Vale - Commemorate

4/ JATA - The Same Page

5/ Merry Hell - Sister Atlas

6/ Jim Bower - When David Bowie Died

7/ Jim Bower - Shut Up About Your Girlfriend

8/ The Stray Field - Kesh

9/ Shrinari - The Gift / Desert Path

10/ Nick Hudson - The Ballard Of K69996 Roma

11 Keeley - You Never Made It That Far

12/ The Wave Prophets - Thelema

13/ The Stray Field - The Island Tasserty

14/ The Persian Leaps - The Company She Keeps

15/ The Gorstey Lea Street Choir - Bluebird, Hollywood .. Domino

16/ Gazelle Twin & NYX - Deep England

17/ Deborah Fialkiewicz - The Space Between Static And The Wind

18/ Ian J Cole - John Copley’s Lament (Live at EMOM)

19/ of1000faces - To The Touch / AutoChild

20/ The Truth about Frank - Live at Wonky Stuff 2018

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